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For non-fulfilment of the service, the amount corresponding to the shipment will be reimbursed, except for causes due to force majeure.


All NACEX transportation conditions and guarantees are detailed in the Opening Account clauses and in the Delivery Note. These items constitute the shipping agreement.


Delivery with no surcharge for mileage on the prices shown on the price list. (Except DELIVERIES ON SATURDAYS, SCHEDULED DELIVERIES and SAME-DAY DELIVERIES).


Our prices include any collection in towns with a NACEX franchise and within its catchment area (30 km round trip).
They also include all collections outside this catchment area requested the day before or the same day of collection before 9 am on the same day, and which can be made between 9 am and 1 pm, for individuals and companies and from 10 am to 7 pm uninterruptedly for shops and shopping centres. If the shipment cannot be collected for reasons beyond the control of NACEX, the cost corresponding to a failed collection will be charged. For more information check with your franchise.
For any collection outside this radius, each kilometre (round trip) will be charged a supplement per km from the franchise to the collection point*.


When the sum of the three measurements of a package (width + length + height) is between 101 and 150 cm, the price of the shipment will be increased by a base unit, depending on the service and destination.
If the sum of these measurements is between 151 cm and 200 cm (maximum permitted size), the price of the shipment will be increased by two base units. (A base unit is the corresponding price of the fraction of up to 5 kg).
Exception: the NACEX 19:00 H and PORTUGAL 19:00 H services will be increased by an additional fraction of 5 kg.
The e-N@CEX and NACEX PLUSPACK services include a first excess in their price.


Volumetric weight will be applied, whenever superior to the real weight, to all packages in multi-package expeditions or single-package multi-expeditions of this kind.
Volumetric weight is calculated (width x length x height (in cm)/4000 = weight in kg) 1 m3 = 250 kg, the surcharge for being oversized will not be applied in these cases.


(Balearic and Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, Azores and Madeira) For deliveries by air, a volumetric weight is applied (width x length x height (in cm): 6,000 = kg), (1 m3 = 167 kg), provided that this is greater than the actual weight, and no excess size surcharge will be applied).
Deliveries by air must be accompanied by a Declaration of Commitments-Account Consignor, as well as a description of contents, in accordance with the Civil Aviation National Security Plan and in compliance with European Regulation 300/2008 dated 11 March 2008. The Known Consignor Letter form can be requested from your franchise.


The maximum weight per package is 40 kg, except for NACEX PLUSBAG, NACEX PLUSPACK, NACEXpromo services.


  1. Shipments that include more than one package will be calculated using fractions of 5 kg, provided that the number of packages is greater than the number of fractions.
    Example: 3 packages . Total weight: 6 kg.
    They will be counted as 15 kg.
  2. Air services will be calculated using fractions of 2 kg.


Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not considered working days.


  1. Deliveries by air and sea to Ceuta, Melilla, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Azores and Madeira may be subject to variations in schedule beyond our company’s control, and to the customs and excise process of the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Andorra and Gibraltar.
  2. Deliveries for the services:
    NACEX 10:00 H, SAME-DAY and PORTUGAL 10:30 H in towns more than 15 km away from the delivering franchise have an additional margin of one minute for each kilometre separating the two.
    NACEX 19:00H, e-N@CEX, NACEX C@mbio in towns more than 50 km away from the delivering franchise, delivery before 1 pm on the second working day.


Deliveries to post office boxes will not be accepted.


Additional handling will be applied in the following cases:
- Any package in excess of the maximum weight or dimensions established.
- Irregular-shaped packages (cylindrical, drums/barrels, tyres, etc.)
- Packages that do not permit the overlaying of others, due to not having a regular flat side to support them.
- Packages that do not have the appropriate or adequate packaging or that may be a risk to the rest of the goods in terms of breakage and damage.
This additional handling may represent a delay in the expected delivery date, with NACEX not guaranteeing the return/refund or reduction of shipment costs in this scenario; thus NACEX does not refund shipment costs, when it is delivered outside of the expected delivery time, due to the need for additional handling.


The delivery of packages or objects whose contents are contrary to the law, morality or decency, or involve illegal trafficking, is forbidden. NACEX will be held harmless from any liability and the customer will be held responsible for any consequences. NACEX may reject those shipments that are not suitable for transport, in accordance with Article 27 of the Commercial Code of Law 15.2009 of 11 November of the Contract for the Overland Transport of Goods.
Note 1: Live animals, drugs, fuel, poisonous substances, infectious substances, explosives, unlicensed weapons, human remains, cash or corrosive materials will not be transported.
Note 2: Goods will be transported at the sender’s risk. Consequently, the customer will be liable for all damages, delays and impairments that the goods may experience during transportation and until delivery, due to unforeseeable events, force majeure or their own inherent properties.



Service available in more than 1,700 towns.

NACEX 10:00H

Delivery before 10:30 am:
- Provinces of Cádiz, Huelva, A Coruña, Pontevedra.
- Province of Málaga (Estepona, Ronda y Antequera).
- Province of Girona (Figueres, Palamós and Olot).

Delivery before 11 am:
- Balearic Islands (Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Inca).
- Andorra (documentation).

NACEX 12:00H

For locations outside of the 0 km radius (30 km round trip), before 1 pm.

NACEX 19:00H / e-N@CEX

For locations more than 50 km (100 km round trip) from the Nacex office, the delivery is guaranteed for 1 pm on the second working day.


The same schedule exceptions as Nacex 10:00h. Maximum weight 10 kg for mainland destinations and 2 kg for destinations by air.
For destinations with customs control, only documents are accepted.


Guarantee of delivery in 24/48 hours in locations in the 0 km radius (30 km round trip) and 24 hours for other locations. 25 unit minimum.


Service with guarantee of delivery in 24/48 hours in towns with Nacex franchises in mainland Spain, mainland Portugal. For locations more than 50 km (100 km round trip) from the Nacex office, the delivery is guaranteed is extended by 24 hours. Maximum single package: 20 kg and 150 cm (adding together height + width + length.


Check your franchise for availability.


Shipments may suffer delays due to causes beyond the control of NACEX. Parcel delivery may be delayed beyond the expected date and time due to customs issues. DGR, some dangerous/hazardous goods are subject to taxation by airlines. Please ask your NACEX franchise office.


Baggage: maximum 80 x 50 x 30 cm. Single package with maximum weight of 20 kg.
Golf gags, surfboards and diving equipment, maximum 1 package per shipment.
Surfboards, maximum length 2 m.

NACEXpromo Bicycles:
One NACEX BICIBOX package included in the price.
Exclusively for the shipment of bicycles. Other articles cannot be added to the box. Any additional items will be invoiced separately.
Please follow the instructions provided in the NACEX BICIBOX for the correct packaging.
Insurance of up to 1,000€ included, for higher amounts please contract individual insurance Type A.


For deliveries that have to be made on Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm.
Service in towns with a NACEX franchise and within its catchment area (30 km round trip).
For populations outside this 0 km radius, there will be a mileage surcharge of €0.70 per km (round trip) for Account Holder prices and €0.75 per km (round trip) for General prices.
For destinations with customs control, only documentation can be delivered.


For those shipments addressed to any OFFICIAL ORGANISATION, whether it may be the council, the civil, business or any other kind of registry office (as long as they depend on the State), whose contents require the following special conditions for their delivery:
· Deliveries with prior appointment required.
· Documented procedures and shipments to be returned on the same day.
· Procedures without a ticket required, documented and to be returned during the subsequent days.
· Procedures without a ticket required, documented without a return or without prior appointment.
Please ask your franchise office about cost and/or service conditions.

* Prices without VAT or corresponding tax

* published monthly by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade ( Detailed information at: Fuel surcharge (link a Fuel surcharge)

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Copyright ©2017 - NACEX - Todos los derechos reservados